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Marvin Nordstrom

Dan and Denise Staten

Don Stoerp

Sue Schiller

Mark Wagner

Pastor Jim Bell

Shelly Irhke

Sheri Baker

Mike And Stephanie Price

Roger Bottlemy

Vern and Sue Weidner

Bob Anderson

Mike and Stephanie Price

Rick and Julie Grammse

Ty Nicolia

So Blegen

Sue Bottlemy

Even Bottlemy

Dan Menge

Joanne Head

Barb Carmichael

Wanda Bayles

Ruby Bartley

Steve Blachford

Bobby Baldwin

Evelyn Carter
Myrtle Isenharrt
Sue Fontana
All the Farmers

Those who are not in attendance on Sunday morning

Those Men and Women serving in our Military

Dan and Sarah Bach

Students in College

Antonio Schultz