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Administrative Board
Chairperson Evan Bottlemy
Vice Chairperson Janet Bach
Lay Leader Brian Schultz
Recording Secretary Margaret Behles
Treasurer Ellen Schultz
Financial Secretary Bobette Von Bergen
Membership Secretary Margo Van Dan
UMW President Bobette Von Bergen
Communion Steward Karen Beystehner
Auditor Sue Bottlemy
  Historian                              Margo Van Dan
Librarian Sue Bottlemy
Landcaping Janet Bach 
          Direct Assist                        Margaret Behles
        Certified Lay Minister  Kurt Beystehner
        2024 Conf. Lay Del.    Margaret Behles
        2024 ConF. Alt Del.     Dan Guttschow
Parish Staff
        CLM                        Kurt Beystehner
      Quitariest                 Marvin  Norstrom
Custodian        Linda Wappler
Snow Plow/Lawn  Fred Boal
            Evan Bottlemy
Janet Bach
Brian Schultz
Tom Behles
Mel Von Bergen 
Kurt Beystehner
        Karen Beystehner


- All services are open to the public, Ecumenical, Informal, Liturgical
- Infant and Adult Baptisms
- Bible Study group
- The Trustees keep our historical building and grounds in good repair
- We help fund many local, national, and international missions
- We give of ourselves in:
- Ringing the Bells for Salvation Army
- A Community Vacation Bible School

-- Donation to Hebron Community Food Pantry 1st Sunday of the Month

- Monthly Mission Donations
- Donation to the Harvard Group Home on going monthly


Sunday Service
Alden UMC - 9 AM

Mission of the Month

  • January     Hospice
  • February           Wycliff Mission Translators
  • March            
  • April Neighbors Helping Neighbors
  • May UMCOR
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September Military Bible Sticks
  • October
  • November Adopt a Family for Christmas
  • December Gideons